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Global Greens 2017 in Liverpool 日本派遣団ブログ

第四回Global Greens Congress in Liverpool 日本派遣団のブログです。

Global Greens Congress 2017 in Liverpool日本派遣団ブログ









Urgent call for protecting people affected exceeded radioactive contamination
Greens Japan
   After 6 years since one of the worst nuclear disasters in Fukushima, more than 100,000 people are still displaced from their homeland. Some were forced to flee and the others have moved by their own decision. The evacuation area set by Japanese government is so small that so many people outside of the restricted area had nevertheless to move away from home for their own safety, and spread all over Japan – and even the world.
   On the same day that we are having the session on Nuclear and Security without Nuclear Power in Global Greens 2017 in Liverpool, Japanese government lifted a part of restricted area to let the people return to their homeland which is still highly contaminated and cut the subsidies to self-evacuated people. The heart aching testimony of Ms. Mitsuko Sonoda in our session who has evacuated from Fukushima to Manchester had a huge impact.
   Displaced people lost their homeland, communities, jobs, and in many cases, families, health, and so on by external factors. Needless to say, these are the fundamentals of life. In that sense, they should be defined as internal /external displaced people in the context of international law and their rights should be protected by the government.
   This is not only the problem of Fukushima, but also all of the world who are suffering from the contamination of radioactivity by unnecessary artificial diffusion of nuclear materials which was caused by excessive human economic activities and disrespect for human rights. Aboriginal people who have lived in Cacadu in Australia for generations have been facing severe radioactive contamination in their native land by exploitation of uranium mines. People in Benin are afraid of radioactive leaking by uranium transportation from Niger to Japan. In Portugal and Spain people fear for radioactivity coming from old Spanish nuclear power plants that have been granted renewed licenses to continue operating instead of being decommissioned.
   The attendees of this session urged governments all over the world to fully respect the UN Declaration of Human Rights whereby the right to life is a fundamental human right. This is clearly compromised not only by life threatening chemical contamination, but also by radioactive contamination which threatens the health or life of individuals. Surely all humans have the right to be free from radioactive contamination.